Gigtracks is designed to streamline the time consuming and wearing processes of temporary staffing and recruitment.

We invite, hourly food service workers to download our app & start work!


Real-time Data

All information is available in real-time without any delay to increase productivity and accuracy. Employees know where they need to be to the shift, when they start work and who they are reporting to. Staffers know who is coming to the job, what their status is and what they need to do next.

Increase Attendance

Employees get instant updates about their work schedule and shifts, they are also provided with directions to reach their workplace to reduce late appearance and no-show issues.

Validate Staff

Star ratings are assigned to the employees for their performance.

Auto-match Talent

Employees are auto-matched against the posted job orders based on their availability, skill set, location and star ratings. Staffers save time and have better visibility and control over distributed workforce.

Track Time

No need to print, fax and scan time sheets as you can track and approve everything in real-time. Clock-in and clock-out from a smartphone. Geo-location and biometric information is automatically sent to the employer for verification.

Automatic Alerts

Gigtracks sends automatic alerts whenever an event requires attention to reduce mistakes and keep everyone informed.