Gigtracks is designed to streamline the time consuming and wearing processes of temporary staffing and recruitment.

We invite, hourly food service workers to download our app & start work!


Your profile picture is required by customers as your identity, when you report to your assignments they can confirm your identity. When taking your profile picture be in upright position and take the best snap of your face and upper body.

Customers review your skills, your previous experience and your certifications as their selection options. Furthermore your availability, your travel distance and your star rating will be considered for your selection.

Yes, you can launch the application and enter username are password you created and the registration process will continue from where you left off. You can provide the rest of the information and complete the process. After the process is complete you will be able to get your job invitations and start working.

Your payment will be transferred into your bank account, visa card or via paycheck. You can setup your payment options in your profile and get the payment the way you like. Usually it takes about 10 business days to get your payment after your job is complete.

Gigtracks provides a system for staffing companies, customers and employees to post their jobs and hire the best talent in their area. We offer everyone using our system a great experience and equal opportunity to place their orders and get the professional staff that matches their requirement. We also provide comprehensive workforce management tools

Yes, you can go the “Availability” section and mark yourself unavailable for the days you do not want to work. You can change your status to available again when you are ready to work again.

Yes, customers and staffing company can rate your work in terms of stars after your job assignment is complete. This rating will assist you in getting better jobs in future as customers will see your rating while hiring you for jobs.

When you accept a job offer you will receive a confirmation via in-app alert, SMS or email with job details including the schedule, location, address, directions and contact person at site details. Once you are at the location you will be able to Clock-in and start your shift. At the end of your shift you will Clock-out from your smart phone to record your hours.

Currently Gigtracks is currently supporting Food service and EVS staff. If you have any experience in this industry you are welcome to register and apply for the jobs. We will be adding further industries and categories in near future.

In case you forget to clock-out, you should inform us and we will clock you out after consulting with the client.

You can cancel a confirmed job 4 hours prior to the job start time but this may affect your star rating and your future assignments

You can take a break on the job for lunch or otherwise if the job allows it, you can clock-in and then take a lunch break using your smartphone, don’t forget to end the break using your device. At the end of your work shift you should Clock-out. Your work hours will be calculated automatically at Clock-out.

Yes, you can accept more than one job invitations but you cannot accept more than one with overlapping schedules. When you accept one the other one for the same schedule, system will remove the other one matching the same schedule. If schedules are different you can accept more than one.

Gigtracks support computers with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE version 9 and up and also Safari. For Employees and Customers we have specially designed mobile apps that you can download and install in Android and IOS (apple) smartphones.

Gigtracks provides a platform that connects the customers, staffing companies and employees. Customers and Staffers can post job orders and Employees can work on those jobs to make money.

Actually it depends on job location, schedule and hourly rate offered in the job requirement, but generally employees start accepting the job offer within minutes of posting.

Yes, If you have your account setup with multiple locations you can post job orders for each location simultaneously and start working on each location accordingly.

When employees Clock In & Clock Out from their smartphones we track their exact working hours. We also track their Geo Location and take their Clock In & Clock Out picture at the location for confirmation and transparency.

Yes, you should record your work experience with the employees when their work is complete. This will help you in upcoming assignments with them.

Yes you can cancel a job order you just created if there are not active candidates assigned. Otherwise you will have to contact Gigtracks and we will help you in cancellation, cancellation fee may apply depending on the nature of job order.